Days of Shade and Sunlight

Episode 1: Invitation to Magic

This pre-party episode involved Gremlyn and Colin Norforth meeting for the first time outside of Colin’s apartment building both led there by strange scrolls, vials of a odd green liquid and subterfuge. The two had lost a very important possession overnight and someone was leading them around like puppets on a string. Gremlyn have even less tolerance for games or tricks came off very overwhelming to Colin who was at first intimidated by the six foot two winged man. They found more clues, a root and some strange blue dust that led them to the laundry room inside the building to find only more scrolls with pictograms. They deduced that someone was targeting the both of them but beyond the similarity of both being mutants they couldn’t understand why them. Colin not one to overlook details and Gremlyn very careful with His moves and actions both worked out that they would find more answers on the buildings roof. Gremlyn gave Colin a short demonstration of His ability to teleport.

The rooftop seemed a dead end until someone hit Colin with snowballs and Gremlyn spotted a strange scroll in the snow. The next location would be High Park across town where a mysterious cube awaited levitating over a fountain that they recognized as being in the north area of the park. The two men still not at ease with each other but aware they were going to have to work together to overcome these odd challenges arrived at the park to find a pair of doppelgangers of each of them and the park sealed off by a strange wall of ice. Gremlyn was first to notice that their doubles were mimicking the opposite of what they were doing and His plan to swap opponents with Colin almost backfired when the copies made this move first. Taking down each others doppelganger proved a bit less difficult and soon the battle was completed. Locating the strange blue and red cube they used the final pictogram to figure out that the green liquid was a teleportation potion and the cube was actually a sort of entrance way into a very strange room. They arrived one after the other at a table set with different kinds of food and hanging in mid air near the back wall Gremlyn’s missing sword and Colin’s missing Vortex Suit. The food and table fell to dust and as the walls became a flock of black birds flying away into a dusk like sky the pair found a mirror atop a set of stairs with its frame split in half. The white-haired, blue-eyed face of a man on the right and the auburn haired gold-eyed face of a woman on the left beckoned them closer and in a moment of disorientation the pair found themselves on their backs in the alley beside Colin’s building being observed by some of their neighbors. They would almost believe this had all been but a strange dream had they not heard the lingering sound of laughter.



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