Days of Shade and Sunlight

Episode 2 "The Five Trials"

The players receive their individual living spaces in the form of circular rooms with wooden floors and platforms leading out to stonework balconies. Colin and Charles use the power of their imagination to create their own personal looks and additions one being a bar for Colin’s room and the other a Martial Arts Dojo for Charles’s. They are both introduced to their new companion and long time apprentice of Windem Haas, a very beautiful but potentially dangerous beauty by the name of Emma Birkin. Part Succubus and Part Siren weaker men fall easily to Her charms and now reformed through the intervention of Windem She has become a permanent fixture of the Tower of the Sunlight. Taking Her role as “Substitute” mentor somewhat seriously Emma cracks the whip so to speak and flirts easily with both the mutant Colin and the technomancer Charles as she directs them to the Tower’s roof and the specifics of the “Five Quest Trials” that they both have been assigned. Taking a seat at the large stone table where meals and afternoon teas are usually enjoyed the two men receive a book outlining each quest and suddenly there is a very large chest sitting in the middle of the roof’s expanse. Tow large ornate handles jutting out from the side of its lid and a very strange gargoyle type face etched upon the front make this dark chest of wonder something very odd indeed.

The book before each of them outlines the specifics of each quest and the pair decide to undertake the fifth trial “Origins of the Past” and upon gripping each side of the large chest by its handles they signify that they are ready to begin. Each one takes a turn visiting a moment in the past of the others lives learning more information about each other in the process. Charles visits the 15th birthday of Colin to discover this is only days after the demise of His parents in a Belfast explosion. He finds out that Colin was already an accomplished boxer winning the under sixteen championship. He also learns that Colin has two siblings one of which exhibits some sort of strange ability unbeknownst to Colin who stormed out that day to never return home out of anger and sadness of His parents death and having had a poor relationship with His Father. Colin’s super speed ability was also manifested this day when he demolished the stairs and part of the front door on His way out. Charles observed this all in an unseen ghostly form. Colin ventured into the past of Charles and to the day He was asked by his now late Mentor to become an apprentice to the ways of Technomancy. Colin observed how powerful a mage this Mentor figure was after some morphing of a old model personal organizer into a modern touch screen device with the wave of His hand. He then observed a would be pickpocket snatch the Mentor’s amulet onto to be rendered completely helpless by some type of strange device that attached itself to the man’s neck. Making this man a puppet for the Mentor who informed Him it was time to give up His life of crime and join the police force. There was a strange woman tailing the two of them that day wearing red and black and using a strange ring to phase in and out of existence. Charles was not aware of this fact and each man had indeed learned something about the other that was new to them when they swapped information and successfully completed the first trial. Seemingly as if they were long term teammates Colin and Charles moved from one trial to another completing all five within the span of a single afternoon.

The remaining quests consisted of saving lives, critical thinking and choosing the correct chests to open as well as a one on one arena battle to prove mastery over their individual powers. The quest that truly stood out in the end was that of combining each others abilities to create three new attacks. The elemental technomancy of Charles mixed exceedingly well with the elemental controls of Colin to create ground spikes, electrical punches and projectile shards of ice driven forward by Colin’s thunder clap ability. When all of the quests had been completed Emma directed both of their attention to the replacement of the one largest mahogany chest with 10 smaller ones of different colours. These were magically transported to each of their private quarters within the Tower and the two retired for the evening to rest up for the next days events. Upon waking the next day they went through their chests to receive their rewards and soon after took a short guided tour of the Tower of the Sunlight with Emma where they learned of their own practice as well as personal floors in addition to their private rooms. Truly the Tower provided all they could want or need.

Episode 2 "Strangers of the Sunlight"

This episode would unite all three players at the future setting and base of operations for a time. Charles Briggs a young technomancer and apprentice to a well respected multi-wizard was informed that when a stranger arrived that this would be the sign it was time to leave for a very special “interview” and Charles eager to learn new things saw this as a great opportunity to do just that. Gremlyn and Colin Norforth both found their way to the Tower of the Sunlight via the discovery of a new scroll in the alleyway and both arrive first in a sizable garden area beside the most breath taking of Towers they have ever seen. Soon after two owls approach and the first one morphs into a familiar face. The white haired and blue eyed man introduces Himself as Winter Tresdale. Gremlyn tenses as He feels like He might of been set up but after the second owl turns into Charles Briggs and nothing occurs to give Him suspicion He sits down to smoke a cigarette. Colin seems to be lost in His own world until the auburn haired, gold-eyed woman appears from a nearby flower-bed. She is also familiar, completing the other half of the puzzle the face from the mirror. Summer Tresdale the sister to Winter takes a seat and the players have an uneasy wait for Windem Haas the Tower’s master to arrive. Gremlyn presses the brother and sister pair for answers but they remain elusive and instead ask to see a demonstration of Charles magical ability. Charles just happy to be given this opportunity to be at the legendary Tower of the Sunlight He makes no face about it setting aside any personal ego He creates a mixed sphere of fire and ice which a bored Colin decides would look better smashed and He punches it out of existence. Gremlyn becomes more inpatient a little offended by all the head games and the strange place He has been summoned to. Knowing about magic and seeing it prove to be different states of mind. Windem arrives out of nowhere without being observed and He assures Gremlyn, Charles and Colin that during their meal to come all will be revealed.

The party are given seats at a very ornate table outdoors which is soon covered by all different types of foods and exotic alcoholic beverages from the magical plane. While eating their meal Windem first freezes both Summer and Winter like statues and He reveals to the party they they are actually creations of His through magic and that He would like them to be destroyed. His deep yellow eyes and persuasive gaze seems to illicit attempts on Gremlyn’s part to try and sense this strange beings motives. He is unable and after clearly stating that He did not come to “Sing for His Supper” as the saying goes that He wants the real reasons to be revealed. Windem not the sort of man to be ordered about makes a small deal with Gremlyn that if they succeed in defeating the brother and sister in a battle thus destroying them He will reveal the full reason why they were summoned here. Gremlyn and the rest realize that this is what must be done and take time to prepare their master plan of combat. The garden is cleared and at the signal of Gremlyn unsheathing His sword the battle was underway. Though long and fraught with miscalculations on all members parts the two were finally destroyed and Windem revealed his true plans to them all as promised.

There are two major threats facing the magical plane and its inhabitants and consequently these issues also affect the well being of the mutants and the non-magical people. The appearance of the Rune Witch Basilica who’s ability to etch runes onto Her faithful devotees turning them into power-sniffing suicide bombers has become a clear and present threat. The second and just as volatile according to Windem Haas would be “The Midnight Hour” the faction led by the fanatical mutant Ares Grey also known as Grey-matter. He is an expert weapons master who surrounds Himself by a small army of powerful mutants. Windem makes it plain to the party that He has used magic to locate the most suitable mutant and magic using individuals to first remove the Witch and then to take out Ares Grey and bring order to the chaos that has become somewhat at the forefront of His existence and obligation as a powerful member of the magical community. The party confer with each other and decide that the first mission being to infiltrate the Witches commune disguised as followers of Her highest inner circle will be their first priority. They know that if one of them uses their abilities or are caught it will result in sure death. Windem informs the three men that their old lives are done and that they have all been reported as dead. They will now live inside the Tower of the Sunlight and soon His assistant Emma Birkin will arrive to begin their preparation. Windem informs them He will be leaving for a few weeks and they have time to work out the kinks He saw during their battle against Winter and Summer. He tells them He will allow them to secretly return to their previous places and fetch any personal items they desire to have.

Episode 1: Invitation to Magic

This pre-party episode involved Gremlyn and Colin Norforth meeting for the first time outside of Colin’s apartment building both led there by strange scrolls, vials of a odd green liquid and subterfuge. The two had lost a very important possession overnight and someone was leading them around like puppets on a string. Gremlyn have even less tolerance for games or tricks came off very overwhelming to Colin who was at first intimidated by the six foot two winged man. They found more clues, a root and some strange blue dust that led them to the laundry room inside the building to find only more scrolls with pictograms. They deduced that someone was targeting the both of them but beyond the similarity of both being mutants they couldn’t understand why them. Colin not one to overlook details and Gremlyn very careful with His moves and actions both worked out that they would find more answers on the buildings roof. Gremlyn gave Colin a short demonstration of His ability to teleport.

The rooftop seemed a dead end until someone hit Colin with snowballs and Gremlyn spotted a strange scroll in the snow. The next location would be High Park across town where a mysterious cube awaited levitating over a fountain that they recognized as being in the north area of the park. The two men still not at ease with each other but aware they were going to have to work together to overcome these odd challenges arrived at the park to find a pair of doppelgangers of each of them and the park sealed off by a strange wall of ice. Gremlyn was first to notice that their doubles were mimicking the opposite of what they were doing and His plan to swap opponents with Colin almost backfired when the copies made this move first. Taking down each others doppelganger proved a bit less difficult and soon the battle was completed. Locating the strange blue and red cube they used the final pictogram to figure out that the green liquid was a teleportation potion and the cube was actually a sort of entrance way into a very strange room. They arrived one after the other at a table set with different kinds of food and hanging in mid air near the back wall Gremlyn’s missing sword and Colin’s missing Vortex Suit. The food and table fell to dust and as the walls became a flock of black birds flying away into a dusk like sky the pair found a mirror atop a set of stairs with its frame split in half. The white-haired, blue-eyed face of a man on the right and the auburn haired gold-eyed face of a woman on the left beckoned them closer and in a moment of disorientation the pair found themselves on their backs in the alley beside Colin’s building being observed by some of their neighbors. They would almost believe this had all been but a strange dream had they not heard the lingering sound of laughter.


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