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The Days of Shade and Sunlight chronicles the uneasy union between three overlaying realities created by a strange and unknown event centuries ago. Three similar realities once alternate to each other became merged and in special places one could travel between them. Currently the year is 2010 and the focus setting is Toronto, Canada. Originally the world was composed of just one reality where science and technology were the “magic” of the days and powers were more of influence and financial in nature. During the Autumn of 1996 a second reality temporarily bled into the first and people discovered a hallow version of the city lied beyond its gaps. This place a “Shadow Toronto” was inhabited by a new breed of humankind which possessed strange abilities and a times variations of physical form. These “Mutants” moved into the mainstream world and despite years of animosity and segregation were slowly removed as an uneasy truce was formed. People without powers seemed for the most part put off by their current governing bodies allowing the mutants to live freely without monitoring their abilities. The mutants tired of persecution decided to move out of the public eye and into private locations within the main and “Shadow Plane” version of Toronto as they were able to traverse freely from one reality to the next. The reality strained even more so when the third one suddenly bled into both the first and the second one late in the Winter of 2008. The people who emerged from this rift were strangely dressed and with them the discovery of the ways of magic was born.

There are some who wonder why there has to be any animosity at all seeing how the overlaying realities keep from bleeding into each other and life seems to go on as usual. They have formed a Faction composed of members of all three groups (normal, mutant and magic) and have taken the name “The Dreamers” The second Faction which is also made up of representatives from all three realities think it would be wise to find a way to close off contact and unhinge the realities so they might become independent worlds once more. Calling themselves “The Midnight Hour” they have an ongoing debate with the first faction. The third and last faction has become an underground movement that exists in all three realities. The mutant underground believes it would be better to seal away the magical reality while the “Runic Wanderers” of the Normal side feel that both Mutants and Magic should be removed. The last being a magical coo that seeks to take over first the magical reality and then banish the other two wants a direct war to begin that would separate the weak from the strong. These various third factions are not public knowledge, at least not yet..

The year now is 2010, November and early Winter. Those who use magic have returned to their own reality, known as the “Sunlit Toronto” which can only be accessed at certain places and times. Strangely some dream of this world to wake inside it and they are soon adept to the magical side of things. Those who reside in the first reality or the “Shaded Toronto” have come to either accept these changes or fear and mistrust them. Sometime during the Summer month of 2010 a strange woman appeared in the city offering those who would seek Her out the ability to become fully protected from the direct abilities of both the mutant and magic using effects of powers. They were marked with multicolored runes on their bodies that would alter their auras and cause their physical bodies to become ethereal when attacked. They were given intricate runes of the palms and back of hands that would link them to each other through telepathy. Most died in days having rejected the changes while those who embraced it walked away from their lives and families to explore the other realities with almost a cavalier mind state. Though they found despite being immune to attack they were not able to attack first and any chance of forming a militant uprising was soon abandoned.

The story begins November 12th, two mutants and one man of the magical arts have been invited to a secret location for a secretive interview, one that will change their lives and perhaps reveal the deeper truths of The Days of Shade and Sunlight…

Days of Shade and Sunlight

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