Character Building Structure

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The following information outlines the five crucial areas for PC improvement as well as describes the various quests associated with improving each one. The quests are designed for all three party members to participate in and complete. The penalty for failure of a quest will be an incomplete outcome and no gain or bonus until that specific quest is retaken and finished successfully. There will be ample preparation time before each quest and if a quest is resolved quickly you may seek out the next one if the party agrees.

These are the five areas that the quest focuses on:

1. TEAMWORK – The Party must plan and execute the rescue of two different NPC’s where in all party members take equal action. Failure to rescue either NPC will result in failure of the quest and the demise of both NPC’s.

2. POWER CONTROL – The Party members will each be given a special set of bracers. These devices will measure power control as well as damage taken. The party members will battle each other in a “last man standing” type arena using all their own abilities and some new means for attack that will be provided randomly. This quest has no means of failure. The following is an example to clarify the above:

Gremlyn attacks Vortex with a Blast of Light, this attack successfully strikes Vortex for 5 points of damage. The “Damage Control” gauge on Vortex will decrease by 5 points where in the “Power Control” gauge on Gremlyn will increase 5 points. The object of the battle is to empty your opponents “Damage Control” to 0 before your “Power Control” reaches 35. Since this is an open target battle there is no bonus for removing one player over another, all are equal. The winner of the battle will earn the boost of power rank for all party members

3. CRITICAL THINKING – The Party members will battle a single foe upon His/Her defeat they will trigger the imprisonment of one of the party members and this will thus trigger traps set around the trapped member. The other party members will have to consult the one that is trapped as to how to disarm all 6 traps and release them. The quest is considered a failure if the party members trigger one of the traps or make an action without first consulting the trapped party member.

4. COMBINING POWERS – The party members must perform three unique attacks by joining together to perform a combined attack. They will focus these three attacks into a device that will activate upon the last of the three attacks. They party memebers will then need to work together to open/unlock the device and defeat the guardian that is then released using these new “Combined Attacks” This quest may be considered failed if the Guardian defeats one of the party members.

5. ORIGINS OF THE PAST – Each Party member must visit the past of another and learn three things about the other. These will be run as solo missions or with remaining PC’s acting as relevant NPC’s and failure of this quest will result in not paying attention to the past.

Character Building Structure

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